General Knowledge Topics: Abbreviations, Important Dates, First in the World, First in India, Popular Names of Personalities, The Newspaper World, Geographical Discoveries, Books and Authors, Principal Languages of India, Capitals and Currencies of Countries, United Nations Organisation, Members of United Nations Organisation (UNO), Other International Organisations and Groups, Space Programme of India, World: Miscellaneous, Famous, Dances, Dancers, Instrumentalists and Vocalists, Indian Defence, India's Atomic Research, Awards. Honours and Prizes, The World of Sports.

General Knowledge

  1. Abbreviations
  2. Important Dates
  3. First in the World
  4. First in India
  5. Popular Names of Personalities
  6. The Newspaper World
  7. Geographical Discoveries
  8. Books and Authors
  9. Principal Languages of India
  10. Capitals and Currencies of Countries
  11. United Nations Organisation
  12. Members of United Nations Organisation (UNO)
  13. Other International Organisations and Groups
  14. Space Programme of India
  15. World: Miscellaneous
  16. Famous, Dances, Dancers, Instrumentalists and Vocalists
  17. Indian Defence
  18. India's Atomic Research
  19. Awards. Honours and Prizes
  20. The World of Sports